Board, Chairs & Leads

Lincoln Elementary PTSA 
Committee Chairs and Leads
(as of 6/1/2016)

President: Scott Baldermann
VicePresident: Claudia Goodwin
Treasurer: Andrea Schumacher
Secretary: Leigh Rovegno
Membership: Debbie Scheer
Administrative Liaison: Janice Spearmen

BASH Committee
Lynn Jui
Co-Chair:  Cami Mullholland
  • Program and Emcee: Debbie Scheer
  • Catering: Anne Coughlin and Jennifer Percy
  • Volunteers: Mamie Gibson
  • Decor: Mamie Gibson
  • Marketing:  NEEDS TO BE FILLED
  • Sponsorships: Michele Ridgway
Production:  Chelsea Cummings
  • Filming: Bill Sterling
Lincoln Marketplace
 Lynn Jui
  • Learn@Lincoln: David Shapiro
  • Ice Cream Social: Jill McCurdy
  • Fall Festival: Holly Ingels and Stephanie Woody
  • Haunted House: James O’Donnell, Dan Murphy and Kimberlie Gonzalez
  • Zoo Night: Allison Lake and Matt Herbert
  • Science Night: Michael Negler and Julia Jung
  • Lincoln-palooza / Block Party: Needs to Be Filled
  • Yearbook: Monique Maddox
  • T-Shirts: Needs to Be Filled
  • Talent Show: Needs to Be Filled
  • Art Show: Needs to Be Filled
  • Kiss-n-Go:  Andy Ratana
  • Crossing Guards:  Andy Ratana
Capital Campaigns
STEM: Brian Rovegno and John O’Dwyer
Environmental:  Chelsea Cummings, Claudia Goodwin, Lynn Jui and Leigh Rovegno

Classroom Connections Committee
  • Classroom Community Liaison : Kimberly Silvernale
  • Teacher Appreciation: Kimberly Silvernale
  • Grant Writing: Needs to Be Filled

Fundraising Committee
Amy Kenreich
  • Partner in Education (PIE): Amy Kenreich and Heather O’Donnell
  • Walk-a-thon: Scott Whitington, Brandy Whalen
  • Restaurant Nights: Nicole Garland
  • Bake Sales:  Needs to Be Filled
  • Grocery cards: Allison Rimland
  • Buy-a-Brick: Needs to Be Filled
  • Boxtops for Education: Needs to Be Filled

Garden Chairs: Leigh Rovegno and Claudia Goodwin

PTSA Communications Committee
: Maya Geryk
  • Lincoln Ledger: Maya Geryk
  • Facebook: Liza Mercado
  • PTSA Website: Kelly Ballenger
  • UpTo Calendar: Maya Geryk